Over 15 Years of Experience
Design x Build x Manufacturing

We are a manufacturing company incorporated in the mid of 1990s which designed and made molds for Japanese brand name toy firms. In the year 2008, we combined with a design firm and expanded our business to design, develop, manufacture products.


Factory Location: Dongcheng District, Dongguan City, China

Except for product design, we also provide manufacturing services which meet the exporting standard. Our manufacturing lines run for many years and are well-reputated in Hong Kong and China.

R & D

Inner Mongolia
Wind Power Project

Our teams work hand in hand to achieve the highest efficiency. Product Design Team is regularly trained and worked with the Production Team to guarantee the best communication between design and production functions. Product Design team members are responsible for research & development, together with electrical and mechanical engineers. The factory is fully supported to realize and achieve the conceptual products.



Japan company

Water Bowl

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Bluetooth headset

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Product Design

Bluetooth Portable Speaker

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Hand Crank Flashlight

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Digital Guitar

Muse Music Brand | coop with MISA
Muse’s Song Madness with Jools Holland, BBC Two(25th Sep 2012).


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Michael Graves Architecture & Design, MG Group, USA

Claw Toy Machine

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Figure toys

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Digital imaging

Adon Jewellery

Lighting & Photography

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France company | furniture for kids

NE Cafe

Commercial ADs | Hong Kong Hotel


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